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Cornerstone - Education and research is our cornerstone. Our dedicated surgeons, not only focus on wound-care, but disseminate knowledge and teaching elements by providing complementary, on-site, wound-care in-service training to the nursing facility staff, and other health-care professionals, on a monthly basis or as deemed necessary by each institution.

Support - This ongoing, clinical and educational support to the facility health care team promotes and enhances a superior level of wound-care management and vigilance.

Expertise - Furthermore, our skilled surgeons provide a high level of wound-care expertise in this continuing education and skills development program. It's our aim to energize the nursing staff throughout the nursing home facility, and engage them into the benevolent spirit of wound-care with new and creative ideas.

Etiology, early detection, prevention, wound assessing, staging, treatment and wound management will be part of the training experience.

Nursing - Coast to Coast Wound Care helps to maintain the current nursing staff standards, qualifications, licenses, credentials, and certification level requirements by such lectures, seminars, meetings and clinical demonstrations. We're striving always in our quest for nursing excellence, involvement, and the need to succeed. These lectures, furthermore, are consistent with CMS manual provider certification guidelines(F314) for surveyors for long term care facilities.

Image - This assists, consequently, to elevate the overall work of the quality and service of the surgical team for the ultimate well-being and comfort of the resident-patients. Coast to Coast Wound Care at the same time enhances the image of the facility for professional thoroughness and patient care by these initiatives. This is part of our commitment to quality care. 

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