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How and Where?

Field - The Coast to Coast Wound Care support-team encompasses and complements our qualified surgeons in the wound-care management approach in the field with our computerized systems and the combined expertise of all of us.

Central - Central support-staff in New York and Miami utilizes, for your benefit and the ongoing support of our surgical teams, digitalized medical record keeping.

Bedside - We also supply our surgeons with digitalized recording devices to accurately, and quickly sync bed-side data to our computers and back-up files.

Questions - In addition, we are readily available to answer any questions for you from the nursing home health-care staff, or to refer you to one of our many satisfied wound-care participating long-term-care-facilities for references on request.

Family - In addition, our support team and surgeons will become a vital part of the nursing home facility family. You'll personally have the opportunity to frequently meet and become acquainted with our surgeons, and our Surgical Director, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. You will easily recognize them by their professional demeanor and our Logo, Coast to Coast Wound Care, P.C. Above all, we support our resident-patients and their family rights to quality care.

"When wounds are "created," we naturally step in to expedite healing, and relieve pain."

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