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What are the benefits of your service?

  • CCWC is the only wound-care group that consists entirely of SURGEONS. No physician assistants or licensed nurse practitioners.
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon is Surgical Director of CCWC.
  • Privately assigned local Board Certified Surgeons to nursing-care facilities.
  • CCWC surgical back-up team on State Health Care surveys and inspections. 
  • Marked decrease in anticipated liability. 
  • CCWC surgeons not only focus on wounds, but correct the underlying disease factors, that are preventing the healing process.
  • We're your "in house" surgical consultants, providing healing progress updates, and the best possible results. 
  • No costs, whatsoever, to the nursing-home-facility or the patient.
  • Surgeons perform in-house wound-care at patients' bed-side.
  • State of the art, custom-designed, surgical solutions.
  • CCWC offers complementary, on site, in-house training to nursing and other health care professionals on the facility staff, generating new and creative ideas.
  • No costly emergency, hospital, wound-centers, with inconvenience and risks.
  • Augmentation of existing facility marketing programs to the community.
  • CCWC provides surgical management of chronic wounds to patients unable or who have difficulty traveling to and from the nursing-care-facility.
  • Respect and consideration for the patients' rights to appropriate health care and the right to privacy and dignity. 
  • Leading-edge surgical debridement of wounds at comfort of the patients' bedside.
  • CCWC is redefining wound-care management. 
  • Our dedicated surgeons are practicing wound-care management Medicine. 

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