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What Is It?

Time - Now, instead of you having to reluctantly send your patients to hospital wound-care centers, Coast to Coast Wound Care surgeons can conveniently provide this outstanding service at no cost to you, safely in-house and at the comfort and calm of your patient's bedside, with ingenuity and compassion. This, naturally, frees your wearied staff, thereby, as wound-care can absorb endless hours of precious time.

Consequently, the staff can be more productive in other essential duties and responsibilities in the facility, develop into a wound-care team or still maintain its team status in a new spirit of collective efficiency.

Convenient - In fact, many wound-care procedures that were once performed only in a Hospital or Wound-Care Center can now be performed safely, efficiently, and conveniently in the nursing home facility with surgical expertise.

We specifically provide, therefore, professional, medical, and surgically combined management of chronic wounds to patients who have difficulty in traveling to and from the nursing facility. We are able to eliminates the very costly, inconvenient, and risk-incurring procedure to the nursing facility. Moreover, the resident-patient's normal routine of feeding and caring is not broken, nor the familiar surroundings and attending personnel.

Consultants - Our well trained surgeons can work directly with your health care staff in planning their simplest to the neediest wound-care problems on-site as your surgical consultants.

Bear in mind, however, that only a surgeon knows how to treat complex post-operative wounds, and above all, when to recommend immediate hospitalization.

Intensive Care - Finally, nursing home residents need constant, specialized medical-surgical care that is typically found in a hospital setting. So, why should wound-care treatment in a long-term-care-facility be any different? By integrating a skilled Coast to Coast Wound Care surgeon into your long-term-care-facility, is in essence, mimicking the care a patient would be receiving in the setting of a hospital with a house-staff surgeon, and all within your reach and beckoning.

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