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Esprit de corps:

Rounds - Our skilled, Coast to Coast Wound Care surgeons perform extensive wound-care evaluation, and work in conjunction with the primary care physicians and Medical Directors of long-term-care-facilities, providing ongoing documented healing progress updates.

In fact, we are your "in-house" consultants. As such, we are an integral part of your immediate health-care team, doing wound-care rounds together as an interacting, dynamic, wound-care group.

Challenge - We solve the most challenging wound-care problems as a team with one common focus: our resident patients. Not only is work-flow streamlined, collaboration among the facility staff team is fostered. That's not just convenience, but quality care for the resident-patient.

Flexibility - The "Hallmark" of Coast to Coast Wound Care, P.C., is flexibility, but, not compromise in the quality of wound-care protocol, or our reputation. We are organized for quality surgical wound-care, sharing and disseminating knowledge for wound-care excellence, collaborating and actively contributing to the team, in the combined expertise of all of us.

Involvement - Furthermore, involving the patient, family, and friends as part of the care team. We aim to ensure the success of the team, also, by utilizing all levels and departments of the nursing-care-facility. These are our team goals. Every person counts. Above all, each patient benefits from input from an entire team. 

"We're in the rightful position and duty-bound to offer an unmatched, unrivaled service."

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