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We Are:

Surgeons - We are the only company consisting of highly skilled wound-care surgeons and only surgeons. Coast to Coast Wound Care has been established and managed by people who have intricate knowledge of prevention, and treatment of different types of wounds. We are managed by a caring and efficient staff, and a respectable, benevolent Board of Directors. In fact, our Surgical Director is an established Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

Unique - We're also a unique surgical group with surgeons that are diplomats of the American Board of Surgery. They are locally and privately assigned to their respective long-term-care-facilities, and are experienced in state-of-the-art wound-care management.

Growing - Our patient-centric company is unmatched serving Long Term Care Facilities extending nationwide with its quality wound care service. Our network continues to grow because of the demand for the specialized services of our surgeons.

Consultants - Because of the growing need and search for competent wound-care assistance, do not, however, confuse us with other groups with a similar name and that promise results at unwarranted fees. We are in-house wound-care surgical consultants that practice wound-care management Medicine. We are in essence, "redefining wound-care."

"The patient has a privileged right to request surgical wound-care expertise."

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