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A Problem?

Suffering - Of the estimated 4-10 million people that suffer from grievously chronic wounds, 80% are located in long-term-care facilities. Pressure ulcers (bed-sores), are a frequent complication.

Vexing - As chronic wounds are one of the most common problems arising in long term-nursing-home facilities, its scope needs to be addressed and carefully approached. Once unattended or inappropriately cared for, it can lead to serious consequences in its progress, as it resists healing and worsens. 

There are many myths and taboos of wound-care and a multitude of alternative approaches which can only rob the resident-patient of precious time.

Consequences - What follows is, that a formerly frail, and sick resident-patient with a simple wound, becomes frailer and sicker. The resident-patients safety is now at risk, as the condition deteriorates. The wound-lesion worsens; weakness and loss of appetite follows. Moreover, death could occur from threatening complications. This scenario is reenacted daily across the country.

Money, Time, Lives - Complex wounds, therefore, cannot be needlessly minimized, or delegated to willing, but inexperienced hands resulting in marginal outcomes. Yet, the demand and pressure is mounting to provide expert wound-care. This is a problem that could cost money, time, and lives. It's a problem begging for attention.

The Gap - Coast to Coast Wound Care Surgeons, fill the gap by providing advanced in-house-wound-care-service at the comfort and safety of the resident-patients bedside, using clinically tested, surgical solutions. Our dedicated surgeons skillfully approach complex wounds with precise surgical standards and policies.

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