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Candidates - Risk factors for chronic wounds and particularly for bedsores are many and varied. One must, first, consider some basic facts, such as existing or underlying medical conditions, and other associated or alternate circumstances influencing the patients' role as a candidate for wound-care intervention. People over the age of 60, for example, are more likely to develop bedsores. The following Coast to Coast Wound Care list, presents increasing risk factors.

Some Risk Factors:
-Heart disease
-Paralysis or immobility
-Spinal cord injury
-Bedridden patients
-Wheelchair patients
-Disuse atrophy
-Diminished sensation
-Poor circulation
-Prolonged bed rest
-Unsanitary conditions (perspiration, urine, feces)
-Wet or wrinkled sheets
-Head of bed raised more than 30 degrees.
-Shearing forces, and friction.
-Recuperating from lengthy surgery. 
-Multiple sclerosis.
-Localized swelling (edema).
-Lengthy intensive care.
-Thin people more vulnerable.
-Neurological diseases.
-Vascular disease

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