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The following frequently encountered wounds are listed for the health-care worker team-staff.

But, are not limited to these only, for no wound, whatsoever, will escape our precise attention....even a simple cut or pin-prick! It's our territory.

Our skilled surgeons practice wound-care Medicine.

Some types of wounds we commonly treat:
Sacral decubiti ulcers
Back wounds
Venous stasis ulcers
Diabetic ulcers
Vascular ulcers
Radiation burns
Acute trauma wounds
Surgical incisions
Soft tissue infections
Wound dehiscence
Sickle cell ulcers
Post burn ulcers
Vibrio vulnificus
Head and facial injuries
Ischial decubiti wounds
Heel wounds
Postoperative wounds
Decubitis/pressure ulcers
Cancer wounds
Lymphatic wounds
Draining wounds
Fistulas and tubes
Radiation necrosis
Collagen vascular wounds
Ischaemic ulcers
Traumatic ulcers
Leg and foot ulcers
Acute minor burns
Trochanteric wounds (hips)
Vascular insufficiency wounds
Dry gangrene of the extremeties
Wet gangrene of the extremeties 
Non-healing surgical wounds
Poorly healing amputee stumps
Neuropathic ulcers
Compromised skin grafts and flaps
Problematic surgical wounds
Arteriosclerosis ulcers
Chronic or recurring wounds
Non-healing lacerations
Puncture wounds
Acute wound infections

Cuts, scrapes, bruises, bumps, sores, and more! 

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