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Natural - Coast to Coast Wound Care's first and foremost principle of healing is, "Do The Patient No Harm." We, therefore, approach wound-care, with the aim of allowing the body's natural healing process to proceed more effectively. Wounds, especially bed-sores, can be traumatic, and by gently intervening, we can help stabilize a "crisis condition" long enough to allow the body to heal itself.

Malnutrition - To repair and rebuild tissue, however, certain foods, supplements and nutrients are needed; essential vitamins, minerals, protein and calcium, for example, in recovering and increasing wound strength, and alleviating body stress. This requires nutritional management by trained personnel, as approximately 63% of nursing-home patients are cognitively impaired. Moreover, a study at St. Louis University estimated that "the rate of patients' malnutrition varies from about 4% in the good nursing-homes, to perhaps 50% at the bad ones!" (St. Louis Post-Dispach-Oct.1999) "The latest national compilation of more than 500,000 nursing home deaths - for 1999 - lists starvation, dehydration or bedsores as the cause of 4,138 death certificates."

Supplements - The need for protein in building body tissue, and speed up healing, increases acutely in wound episodes. Vitamin C accelerates healing. Vitamin A helps increase wound strength, and works together (synergistically) with Vitamin C and Zinc in collagen and protein production. Vitamin E, likewise, is a wound healer, particularly in bed-sores, diabetic ulcers, and ulcerated surgical incisions. B-complex is essential, as not absorbed as well with age. A high nutrient daily supplement to meet the above nutritional requirements, under supervision, would be very helpful.

Healing - The program of supplements and nutrients, therefore, briefly outlined, is designed to strengthen the immune system and assist wound-healing. Herbal and vitamin supplementation, can, however, adversely interact with certain medications and supplements, and must be under the direct supervision of a health care professional particularly preoperatively. 

Faster - Finally, we observe the dietary guidelines of the new color-coded Food Pyramid Plan, but are adaptable to any changes. The Coast to Coast Wound Care Surgical Team augments the nursing home health-care professionals by our adjunct service. A program of sound nutritional support and education can play a significant role in providing relief, and faster healing. It can also help prevent wound formation (bedsores), maintain optimum health, vitality, and good will for the resident patient. 

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